Tuonetar (dragonf1re) wrote in natural_beauty,


Yeah, so I appear every once in a while and then disappear again, so what? :P

My skin is annoying me. Not so much in the annoying sense, but in the... it's-not-as-firm-as-I'd-like sense, and nothing I try seems to work. Granted, I need to eat healthier food, but that's on the way.

The skin under my eyes wrinkles way too much when I smile (for a 20-year-old), which bugs me the most. I mean, I understand that it's supposed to. I have no problem with that. When I smile, it's BAD. I've heard that putting too much crap on your under-eye skin makes it baggy, so I try to leave it alone, only lightly putting some mild vitamin E cream on it. Short of considering cosmetic surgery (because it bugs me THAT much and it'll only get worse with age), what can I do? Wtf will tighten my skin (overall) and specifically that part??! </ frustration.>

Thanks! You all are most helpful.

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