slayergrrl (slayergrrl) wrote in natural_beauty,

Ayurvedic Eye Pencil ??

mmmkay, this might be a stretch for this LJ, since I'm not looking to make it myself, but not sure where else to ask. Google's not really been totally helpful, either.

While watching some of the extras on Pirates of the Caribbean 2, the makeup artist mentions using an ayurvedic eye pencil on Johnny Depp. Apparently it has stuff in it that's actually good for the health of the eyes and it makes the whites of the eyes appear whiter. She didn't specify what brand or what exactly is in the pencil, however I have been using an ayurvedic oil by Better Botanicals on my face, and I swear my wrinkles and little lines have decreased, but they don't seem to carry eyeliner.

Anyone ever heard of this type of pencil, perhaps a brand and location to purchase? Specifically hoping to find something at a natural food store like Sun Harvest (parent company Wild Oats) or even Whole Foods (no Trader Joe's around here) or the web if I have to.

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