Skin Lightening

So just out of curiosity, are there any "herbal" skin lighteners/bleaches available?

(I'm not necesarily planning on using any, just kind of musing about it and wondering how safe/healthy it is.)

How (un)safe or (un)healthy or possibly damaging are the ones you can buy in stores (the non-herbal ones)? What negative effects might it have on one's skin?

I am aware that some of you might look down on it, so please save your opinions. I am only looking for the pros vs. cons here, health-wise.

Thanks! ^__^
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Eye baggage: The one thing that will always make you look like your strung out, still high or a diabetic. Fair skin doesn't hold my purple and black pigment very well, more like bruising welts. They burn, they swell, what can i do?! I look sick...

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Ayurvedic Eye Pencil ??

mmmkay, this might be a stretch for this LJ, since I'm not looking to make it myself, but not sure where else to ask. Google's not really been totally helpful, either.

While watching some of the extras on Pirates of the Caribbean 2, the makeup artist mentions using an ayurvedic eye pencil on Johnny Depp. Apparently it has stuff in it that's actually good for the health of the eyes and it makes the whites of the eyes appear whiter. She didn't specify what brand or what exactly is in the pencil, however I have been using an ayurvedic oil by Better Botanicals on my face, and I swear my wrinkles and little lines have decreased, but they don't seem to carry eyeliner.

Anyone ever heard of this type of pencil, perhaps a brand and location to purchase? Specifically hoping to find something at a natural food store like Sun Harvest (parent company Wild Oats) or even Whole Foods (no Trader Joe's around here) or the web if I have to.



any tips on making my nails stronger? my diet is rich in nutrients and vitamins. i rub vitamin e on them often. i don't know what else to do. i'm using some strengthening nail polishes but it just doesn't seem right to have to use them chemical-stinking polishes to have healthy nails. my nails are really weak and peel a lot, and if i accidently hit something with my hand my nail splits instantly. this isnt so much a question for vanity's-sake as it is for my own well being. cracked nails hurt! please help!

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So, i did a google search on Hairstyles and came up with a great website with almost everything i ever wanted to know about my hair; what cut would look best for my face shape, vitamins that are good for helping hair growth, and so on.

And the website is... (fancy that, right?)

One thing i really enjoyed was the list of home-made hair-care recipies... Just think, great products for minimal amounts of money! Any middle-class womans dream.

Or okay, my dream. Or something. :D

Anyways, hope Y'all enjoy!

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its summer time and i have my first sunburn of the year... so i'm requesting a little help on the topic!

first, does anyone have any recipies for home-made sunscreen/tanning lotion? not a matter of importance, but i thought it would be neat to know.

Second, my burn is in the itching stage. i know Aloe Vera Plants help with the pain of a fresh sun burn... is there anything else that can be used to relieve suburn symptoms?

thanks muchly!

dry lips

hi, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a natural way of moisterizing my lips. they are dry, not necessary chapped, but wrinkled a bit and feel like there is excess skin that isnt shedding around the opening of my mouth. theyre also looking paler than usual. any suggestions? i'm only 22 so it's not age related, maybe... i drink tons of water... it's actually all that i drink regularly. i'm on birth control but have been for some years yet never noticed dry lips until recently. thanks :)

Skin woes

Ok so lately my skin and hair has decided to become all greasy.
My hair is ok because I can tie it back but my face has a tonne of open clogged pores, blackheads and also some more sever spots.
I’ve recently been told by my doctor that I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve already cut out a lot of stuff which isn’t great for my skin like chocolate, coffee and excess sugar.
Unfortunately my skin is still in a bad way.
Could people suggest something that might help me here since this is getting annoying and depressing since I’m beginning to look like I did when I was 15.

Thanks in advance guys