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DIY oatmeal suggestions???

Hey guys. Just joined this community. Im nocturnal and extremely bored right now. :) Theres not much to do around here except sit on the comp. Im really bored and in a crafty mood (however lacking crafy supplies) so I joined a few diy/home beauty communities. The boyfriend is lookin to get on the comp and play Diablo 2 for a bit which leaves me with not much to do. I was wondering if anyone has any quick suggestions of some at home beauty things I can do right now. I have a HUGE bag of oatmeal, some vanilla extract, kitchen oils, and possibly a few other kitchen things, however very limited (absolutely no honey :(, and dont feel like driving to walmart right now) so does anyone have any simple suggestions for anything I can make ? Possibly concerning oatmeal since i have so much? lol any suggestions would be appreciated! Thx!

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Thx all! :)
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